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On behalf of Anioma Association, Inc.  Washington D.C Chapter, I welcome you to our website.  We are a not-for- profit, non-political and socio-cultural group, headquartered in Maryland. Our primary focus is to enhance community development through education, one community at a time. As diverse as we are, we have cohesively sought ways to help us achieve our goals through fundraising events and donations from the general public. We have accomplished a lot, but there is still more to be done. We humbly ask for your donations to help us realize our noble goals. I hope your visit to our website is informative and fulfilling to you as it is to our members.

WHO WE ARE: Anioma Association USA, Inc. Washington D.C Metro Area Chapter is a not-for profit, non partisan organization, incorporated in the State of Maryland on December 4, 1992. Our membership is open to individuals from Anioma Area of Delta State, Nigeria, who are committed to volunteerism.  Members are volunteers that came together from different works of life to offer their expertise and services in seeking ways to alleviate the suffering of the less privileged and the poor in our communities.


WHAT WE DO: Anioma Association has over the years embarked on various programs/projects but with special emphasis on education. Our Educational projects include

  • Scholarship awards to qualified indigent students in colleges and universities 
  • Provision of 4,700 teacher tables and chairs and student desk and chairs to schools
  •  Renovation of dilapidated classrooms
  •  Distribution of books and school supplies
  • Awarded  $20,000 educational grant in 2009 to 4 major Associations here in the US for execution of various educational projects in different communities in Anioma area of Delta state. 
  • Apart from educational projects, we donated funds to support the victims of Katrina Hurricane in 2005.


As diverse as our membership is, we have a common mission of uplifting the lives of the less fortunate in our communities.

  • We seek to foster good relationship among our members and peaceful coexistence between Anioma people and the public at large.
  • We seek to provide equal opportunities for Anioma people in execution of projects using equitable and deliberative processes.
  • We seek to promote socio-cultural awareness among our people here in the US by identifying, motivating, suggesting or participating in progressive programs and policies in the interest of Anioma community.
HOW WE GOVERN: We are governed by the Bylaws of the Association, which is executed by the elected executive council. Our style of government is democratic. Simply put, government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Elected officers are all unpaid volunteers, as well as the members. In additions to elected officers, we have various standing committees and sometimes Adhoc committees that develop, recommend and sometimes implement certain programs/projects. Collectively, we cohesively promote the mission of the association.

ABOUT OUR NAME:  Our name is derived from the 4 original local government areas in the Ibo speaking area of Delta State. The term ANIOMA is an acronym from Aniocha (A), Ndokwa (N), Ika (I) Oshimili (O) while, M and A were added as a coinage by the founding father late chief Dennis Osadebey. The name was coined when the founding fathers were agitating for the creation of a state in the Ibo speaking area of Delta state.